Friday, 31 January 2014

Holiday Highlights Week 4

It was week 4 of the school holidays when I had my Waka Ama Nationals in Cambridge. My wakama club named Tamaki were staying at Liam Messams old rugby club called Hautapu. We drove to cambridge in my mum’s car, my friend and I played cards and we also had a nap. When we arrived at the rugby club we set our bed’s up and waited for the next day for our race. It was dawn when we woke up and I was pumped up to paddle. The first race was 500 metre intermediate men’s double haul (two 6 man wakas joined together) sprints.

My team Stone Cold was joined together with Ngati to Choice. We came 4th in the double haul sprints out of 6 teams. Because our time was fast and we had no time penalties we made it to the repercharge and came 5th out of 8 wakas but didn’t make it any further. We had another race which was just my team Stone Cold we came 6th out of eight wakas in the intermediate men's 500metre sprints. The next day was turns. We came last and were disqualified because we started on the wrong lane. For the last day we got to do whatever we wanted and got to sleep whenever we wanted too, it was cool. We basically played monopoly empire the entire night.


  1. Wow Stevenson! I didn't realise that you had been blogging over the holidays. Good on you! The Waka Ama Nationals must have been an amazing experience. I also saw your other posts about your trip to Niue. Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos. Keep up the great work and I hope you continue to share your learning on your blog. You are a champion!

    1. Hi Aunty Sandy,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog! I have got the week 5 holiday highlights on its way. You are a star! Hope to be in your class next year.