Saturday, 1 February 2014

Holiday Highlight Week 5

Hanging With My Cousins

It was the last week of the school holidays and for the last week I just chilled out with my cuzzies. From the left is Hector, Kristopher, Elijah, Me, Juliana and David on the right. We watched cartoons together on the couch. Hector, David and I walked to the G.I train station and caught a train to Sylvia Park. We also had a sleepover in the lounge which was awesome because we got to play xbox games and watch movies.



Saturday morning I jumped out of bed and travelled to Massey Park, where the Niuean Zone Athletics was held. When we arrived at the park we started off with marching. Then it was the four to six year olds that were running before, I ran the 100metre sprints.

It was my turn to race and I had butterflies in my stomach. “Take your marks, set GO!” The race official shouted. Sprinting off the start line I could hear my family cheering for me. “Go stevenson!” They cheered. As I approached the finish line I was greeted with a big hug from my nana. I came first and got rewarded with a blue ribbon. Running back to where I was sitting I showed my mum and she was proud. I waited for my next race, which was the 200metres and I won that heat too.  It was the finals and I came second in both of them and got a platinum medal. I also got a bronze medal for the eight to tens relays. This was an awesome time at the Niuean Zone Athletics, looks at the photos below.



To end the last week of the school holidays, I drove to Pt. England Reserve to watch Wreck It Ralph. It was an outdoor cinema. This was my first time attending this type of event. Awesome was the way to describe watching a movie outdoors on a massive as screen.

I saw two of my friends named Zane and Janice. My mum and I sat next to Janice and her family, and Zane and his cousin  joined us. When the sun was gone and the moon was up the movie had finally started. It felt like a normal cinema at the movies except we had blankets and a picnic.

When the movie ended everybody clapped and made their way home.


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