Sunday, 12 January 2014

9 Year Old Kid Given Alcohol

Have you heard or seen a 9 year old kid given alcohol? Well I saw on the news and in the herald that a child was given alcohol for his 9th birthday. The boy was drinking a can of Cody’s in the corner, of a skate park. Luckily boys stopped him from drinking more. His sister said he was allowed and her aunt gave it to him. The boy said he smoked weed and drank 8 cans of Cody’s.

What do think about this nonsense? I think that it is stupid because most likely the child will have a high chance of dying or getting brain damage. Also adults especially parents should think more carefully or STOP, THINK AND DO before giving children alcohol! If I had the chance to drink alcohol I would reject it.

I think alcohol is very bad because it can kill you. So this is my opinion on alcohol and kids given alcohol. If you a child reading this DON’T YOU DARE DRINK ALCOHOL!

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