Friday, 31 January 2014

Holiday Highlights Week 1

Touch Finals!
On the first week of the holidays I had my last touch game at Lloyd Elsmore Park. If we won our match then we are the champions for our division (Division 2). To my team’s surprise we had won our touch game, hooray! For our prize we each got a touch trophy from the touch organizers and a medal from our team manager.
Wave Rave!
Later in the first week of the holidays, I went to a wave rave with my friends (Louis, Tai and Janice) at G.I Pools. We got to do heaps of fun activities like we had to find these orange balls and if we found one we got a prize. They also had an inflatable rocket which you had to run all the way across. Each time my friends and I completed the mission we got a ferrero rocher (Chocolate). Also there was a particular game that I liked the most and it was heads or tails. You had to walk around the pool and when the official says stop then you stop and he makes an invisible line and he picks weather you’re heads or tails.
Later that day we went and saw some Christmas lights at a house on West Tamaki Road. Check out these photos!

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