Friday, 19 February 2016

Visual Mihi 2016

This visual mihi represents 4 important aspects of my life. The first image is of the Niuean, Samoan, and Fijian flags. These flags represent my heritage and culture. The second image represents my passion for sports. I not only play them I also like watching them, especially the NZ Warriors. Xbox One is what I would love to own in the future because it’s got great games and graphics such as Black Ops 3 and Fifa 16. The most important aspect of my life is G.O.D. These symbols represent my daily prayers and love for him as he was crucified for our sins. The last image is of me the amazing creator of this visual mihi.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Stevenson, I like your Mihi, I like how you have told us what they represent. I really like you pictures in the background. I like how you have got a photo of yourself drawn by you, I like how you have written your name at the bottom.