Monday, 11 November 2013

Athletics Day 2013

 Friday the 8th of November, students from Pt. England school were dressed in their house colours for Athletics day.  People wore Te Aroha (Red), Mataatua (Green), Tainui (Blue) and Takitimu(Yellow). I dressed in the colour of Te Aroha.

“Yay!” I screamed over excitedly. The year 5 boy’s athletics day started off with the high jump. In this event you have to jump over a pole above the mat. If you fail to make it over, you have one more chance to successfully jump over. My first jump was pretty easy until it went higher and higher. “Wow!” I said nervously, there were 5 finalists which were Sean, Sohel, Collin, Jordan and me. I didn’t make my first leap but luckily made my second just by a bit. This placed me second overall in this field event.

The year 5 boy’s moved onto the 100 metre sprints. “Get ready, set! CLAP!” My principal, Mr Burt told the following racers. I sprinted all the way to the finish. “Phew!” I puffed, while sweat dripped down my face. Miss Flavel signaled the top two placegetters in their race. I was one of them so I walked up the side and watched the rest of the heats. Then the finalists lined up in a lane and got ready by crouching down and boosting off when the clapper went off. I came fourth in this track event.

After sprints was discus and I was the first one to attempt this event. My throw obviously got me into first place. I was in that spot until one of my friends, Cyrus bet my throw and I got bumped down to second. After about five throwers the next two boys only bet my throw so I got bumped off top man. I couldn’t have another throw so unfortunately I didn’t make it in the top 3.

Next was Javelin which I thought was going to be hard. The instructor told us how to throw the Javelin by holding the stick above your shoulder and flicking your wrist as you throw it. After knowing how to throw it we each had a turn. I nearly past the third best throw but I think I needed to throw it more harder. “Damn!” I realised my prediction about this event was wrong.

At about 11:00 or 12:00 it was morning tea time so we went to class to have our lunch. Rain started to pour down so the rest of the day there was no more Athletics.

Participating in athletics day was great because I advanced in 2 events, high jump and 100 metre sprints.  Im so proud of myself and can not wait for next years! Woo Hoo!

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