Thursday, 7 November 2013

I Heard A Whisper But No One Was There......

“What was that?” Matt told Jay. They heard a whisper but didn’t know who it was and nobody was there. Once upon a time there lived twins named Matt and Jay. They went off to a field trip at Orlando Farm. They had lost their group by following a whisper Matt heard when they were at a barn.

When they arrived at the building “I wonder why it wants to talk to us?” Jay asked. “Me too!” Matt agreed. They thought it was a ghost whispering. It said, “Hello, Hello, Hello!” The sound moved forward continuously. The twins followed.

They followed the sound and came past their group that they had lost and the twins dived down happily not to be seen by their group. But they had forgotten where the sound was going Jay was wriggling around, burping and farting. Matt couldn’t hear a single thing. “Stop!” Matt growled at Jay. Jay stopped as he obeyed Matt. Everything was silent they couldn’t hear anything.

They waited constantly and finally heard the whispering sound again they followed it. The twins had just noticed that the sound was from the ground. Matt and Jay wanted to have some commando fun so they crawled on the ground like they were hiding from their enemies. Got out their imaginary guns and pretended that they were shooting they bad guys. They did all these things while following the whispering sound.

After being commando’s the twins noticed that the sound had stopped because it was quiet they didn’t hear a single thing. They looked up and screamed, “Ahhhhh!” The twins jumped off the floor. Just before they were about to hit the ground one of their group members named Chris caught Matt with his arms and just by a tiny bit he caught Jay with his leg.

Chris placed them both down. Matt and Jay were surprised to see one of their group members save them from getting injured. “How did you find us?” Matt and Jay asked at the same time. “Well I didn’t actually, I was the one whispering this whole time!” Chris giggled. The three Chris, Matt and Jay all laughed. They went and found their group and everybody was fortunate.

The moral of the story is never follow a sound stay with you group.

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