Thursday, 28 November 2013


List Of Things That Are In Halloween
Lollies Scary Costumes Candles Candy Candy corn Cemetery Ceremonies Cobwebs Coffin Creepy
Zombie Dress Ups Witch Dark Scar Scare
Scared Scream Screech Scythe Shriek Skeleton Skull Soul Spider Spirit Spook Stuff Supplies Suspicious Swarm Vampire Basket Bats Black magic
Blood curdling Bloody Bones Boogie-man Broom

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and people go out to trick or treat. It was first celebrated in the UK (United Kingdom). Most people like to go out at night and some people don’t even celebrate Halloween.

Like church people they don’t celebrate Halloween they just have lights and a disco. Do you know why? Well people who go to church don’t celebrate Halloween because they think its to praise the devil. But you never know it might be true or not!

There’s a,“Light Side and a Dark Side.” Lemuria is the day to celebrate for Christians. On that day the pagan Romans pour milk on the peoples graves or give them little cakes to call the dead.

Lemuria day was celebrated on the 13th of May. The Christians changed Lemuria day into All Saint’s Day. The Christianised Lemuria was such a success that church leaders made a decision to move All Saint’s day or All Hallows Day to November 1st to drain the life out of pagan Samhain (Selwyn). Because Samhain fell on the night of October 31st before All Hallows Day people used to call it All Hallows Evening. The evening before All Hallows Day. It shortened into All Hallows Even, then finally into Halloween.

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