Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My Tale

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who moved out of their mum and dads house. They waved goodbye, “ Bye Mom, bye dad! We will miss you!” With their eyes filled with tears they left to hop on the plane to Australia, they were waiting and waiting then eventually they got through and hopped on the aircraft.

“Woohoo!” the youngest pig screamed. While flying they saw a climber unconscious they didn't even feel sorry for him because they thought he was joking. The three pigs landed safely.

They hopped off and walked. “Wow!” The oldest pig said as he looked up at the tall, luxurious motel. “Lets get in there.” “But we can’t,” the youngest told his oldest brother. Thats when the oldest brother told them that he forgot to tell them that he had $1million in cash. They booked a motel room and had a great time playing Xbox and drinking fizzy drinks.

The phone rang and the older brother picked it up and suddenly started jumping up and down screaming, “Thank you!” He hanged up the phone and told his brothers, “We have won another $1million in cash!” When the two brothers heard that they fainted. The oldest brother looked at them and said “Stop joking around,” but they had actually fainted. Brother 3 (oldest one) was so scared he went in the kitchen and committed suicide. The two other brothers woke up and went in the kitchen and found their brother dead.



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