Sunday, 19 July 2015


Yesterday I went to the movies with my friend, Louis, to watch the new release ANT-MAN! At about midday Louis and I were at Sylvia Park buying our snacks from Pak ‘N’ Save. We brought a party bag of Doritos, Lift plus for me and coke for him, thins (biscuits) and chocolate to share. After that we made our way to the cinema. The whole point of going to the movies was for my uncles Karate Team fundraiser. They were raising money for their trip to Melbourne, Australia.

When we arrived at the theatres there were heaps of people waiting outside for a pack which included lollies, ice cream, popcorn and a drink for $5. But Louis and I just walked past as we already had our snacks. When we entered the theatre and couldn’t believe it… the whole cinema was already PACKED! Only seats up the front were left so Louis and I sat there. At about 3:30 the movie started.

After watching the movie I was so amazed with all the graphics, action and special effects involved. Ant-Man is all about a guy named Hank Pym who has been kicked out of his company from his co-worker Darren Cross. Hank then recruits Scott Lang who has just been released from prison to be the Ant-Man! Scott gets trained by Hank along with his daughter Hope. After Scott's training is perfect he then gets armed with a suit that shrinks his size but still allows him to have his human strength. With his suit he can also control an army of ants that can fry enemy technology (sabotage), transform into something that can get him out of difficult places and many other cool roles. Scott then has to stop Darren (A.K.A Yellow Jacket) from mastering the same technology and using it as a weapon for evil things!

My favourite part in the movie has to be the ending when Scott turns off his regulator and zaps himself and Yellow Jacket into a place where it is impossible to get out. But Scott gets lucky with a blue disc that he puts inside his regulator which makes him big again and get out of the molecules that trapped him. The other guy has no escape plan and dies recklessly.

Overall the movie was absolutely AWESOME!! I went around to my uncle’s house to find out how much money they raised and you won’t believe how much they made. Over $2,000 went to my uncles team!! Hint hint… what a great idea for fundraising if I need money for something!

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