Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Writing Test: Ariana's 5th Birthday

On a rainy chilled Saturday afternoon I went to Kids Crafty Club in Pakuranga to celebrate my cousin's 5th Birthday (Ariana). I went with my mum and nana then met other family members at the party.

When we arrived I greeted the birthday girl first. “Happy Birthday Ari!” She replied with, “Thank You!” I then wondered off exploring the building and entered a deserted room where I spotted an iCade Machine. It had all the old classic games like Centipede, Donkey Kong, Pacman and many others. One of my favourite classic games has definitely got to be Pacman. In this game you have to eat all the small dots to pass the level and also avoid the four ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde which kill you instantly. After a few challenging rounds it was now time to cut the cake.

When I had entered the gloomy dim hall my two eyes bulged out and glistened in the candlelights. I heard a jittery and uneven voice beside me, “Mmmm… delicious yummy cake!” It was my four year old cousin who absolutely loves cake. Ariana was so lucky as her mum had made her a cake symbolising her favourite My Little Pony character Rainbow Dash. My mouth was dripping with anticipation when Ariana cut the cake it had all the colours of the rainbow topped off with some sky blue icing. It looked scrumptious… and it was because when Ariana gave me a piece I gobbled it up and had a second and a third! After everyone had a piece it was game time.

First game was musical statues. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t join any of the games as I’m too old for them now so I sat back and watched. It was funny when Ariana got out as she was not happy and exited the room flicking her hair at her dad. The winner of that game was my little cousin Atunaisa who was supposed be out in the first round as he kept moving around. Second game was pass the parcel which was probably the funniest. One of my cousins David wanted the music to stop on him but it didn’t… and even though it didn’t he still opened the parcel. All the parents were cracking up… but he won in the end since he was patient the rest of the game. It was relaxing time now. I showed my cousins the iCade machine and they hogged it until they left. But luckily I spotted a PS3 with Fifa 15 which I played the rest of the day.

Celebrating my cousin's birthday was awesome especially the part where I munched some of the cake and got to hang out with the family as I don’t oftenly. I can’t wait for the upcoming birthdays but mainly mine which is on the 16th of December (the last day of school!).

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