Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Battle Between David And Goliath

One day there was a boy from Israel named David and he set out to see the Israelites fight the Philistines. But there was only one problem, the Philistines had a big giant soldier, Goliath.

He came stroding out with his armor,  javelin and spear. Goliath began to scream across the battle arena “ SLAVES OF SAUL ! WHO DARES TO FIGHT ME? ONE ON ONE COMBAT. THIS WILL DECIDE WHO WINS THIS WHOLE BATTLE!"

The entire group of soldiers from the Israelites suddenly ran away while David watched in dismay. So he volunteered to fight Goliath. Words passed between people until it reached Saul. Saul asked if he could see the volunteer.

When he saw David he said “ Ohhh. You're just a boy. Don’t go out there and kill yourself, surely you know that Goliath is a professional soldier right?” Then David Replied “ Of course I know that Goliath is a professional soldier but I’m a shepherd boy, I protect my sheep from lions and bears. I even sometimes kill them with my bare hands. If God can save me from those powerful wild animals then he can surely save me from this Philistine soldier.” So then Saul let him go out to fight.

When David came out with only a slingshot and five pebbles in his bag Goliath started to laugh. Why was that? He began to laugh because David was so smaller than him and didn't have the armor that he had and the better weapons he had too. Goliath had no doubt that he would obviously defeat David.

When the battle began David came running towards Goliath at the speed of lightning got a pebble out of his bag and slingshotted it, KABOOM! Right on the eye David got his target Goliath. Seconds later Goliath began to be dizzy then he collapsed on the sandy ground, THUMP! Then David got Goliath's own sword and cut his head off. When the Philistines saw their powerful big professional giant soldier they all ran away while the Israelites jumped for joy.

The moral of this story is no weapons can defeat you when God's on your side. I definitely think they had a celebration after that big defeat. HOORAY FOR DAVID!!


  1. Hi Stevenson, I love to see you blogging in the holidays again! Good for you. When you retell a story like this one, make sure you use your own words OR give credit to the original writer and the creator of the graphic. That is an important digital skill.

    Have a great holiday

    Mrs Burt

    1. Thank you Mrs. Burt for your feed back. This story is from my day by day bible. Retold by Mary Joslin and Illustrated by Amanda Hall. Next time I'll remember to use more of my own words. Thank you for commenting on my blog.