Sunday, 21 July 2013

Glen Innes Matariki Light Trail

“ Here we are Matariki Light Trail!” I cried out excitedly. “ I can’t wait to look around this place!”

While I was walking my eyes were glimmering  at all the different decoration.  As I continued further  I saw stalls selling food, drinks and glow sticks. I slowed and asked my mum “ Can you buy me a glowing light please?” “Ok,” came the reply.

After she brought me a glow light we walked around the trail to see the lights on the other side.  The lights on this side looked a bit better, a fisherman  which was so big and bright. Also the bridge was all decorated with lights too. My mum and I stayed until the guy fawkes started.

“5,4,3,2,1 PUKANA!” The crowd  yelled out. Seconds later  fireworks started to shoot up in the sky and bursted out bright coloured sparkles.  It was so loud that the sound  was deafening my ears. The fireworks  sounded like a squeaking, sizzling, sonic boom!! Then a huge firework came out of nowhere and KABOOM! “AHHHHHH!!!” I screamed my head off.  This huge firework set off like a rocket launcher. More and more fireworks shot up in the sky and made a massive cluster of sparkling colours, everyone was amazed.  As for me I didn’t want this to end because it was absolutely incredible. My favourite part was when all the fireworks were sizzling like crazy in the sky.

Matariki light trail was a great experience. I especially loved the fireworks. Thanks to the Maungakiekie- Tamaki Local Board for organizing this. Happy Matariki!

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