Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Acrostic Poem About My New Baby Cousin ATUNAISA

Ten Pounds
Ultra Cute
New Born
So Special
Arrived 22nd July 2013


  1. Cool photo Stevenson! Thanks for sharing this photo of baby. We might visit him tomorrow when Kristopher is feeling better. xx

    Aunty Sandy

    p.s. well done for all the cool posts, you have been very busy indeed!

  2. Anne-Marie Erick Jeremiah1 August 2013 at 20:02

    Wow! Thank you Stevenson for this awesome acrostic poem about your new cousin. You are such a clever boy and a wonderful cousin and nephew.

    Thank you also for looking after Atunaisa's big (2 year old) brother when I was in hospital. He was so happy staying with you and your mum and he is still talking about your night out at the matariki light festival, when the fireworks were lit up. Liam is always talking about you and makes sure he includes you in his prayers every night before he goes to bed.

    We love you Stevenson!

    From Aunty Missy, Liam and baby Atunaisa

    1. HAHAHAHAHA Thank you Aunty for commenting on my blog. Thank you Liam for including me in your prayers. It was such a pleasure to have you come and sleep over. You were great company. Hope Atunaisa is feeling good. Also I so can not wait for Atunaisa to grow up and Liam.

      Lots Of Love
      From Stevenson :)

  3. Hey cousin Stevenson nice acrostic about new baby cousin!