Friday, 22 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey W2:D8

Activity 1:
This is my family - the Ericks. We’re a pretty typical Niuean family. Most of my life I’ve been living in Glen Innes, New Zealand. For two years I lived in Perth, Australia.
My family is currently made up of four people. My grandfather, Steven, is on the upper left-hand corner of the picture. He is married to my grandmother, Maliaga (she’s the one in the black polka dot top) my mum(Red Top) and I . My grandparents have been married for 41 years! Together they have seven children and I’m the adopted eighth one HAHAHAHAHA. From oldest to youngest their names are Sandy, Stephanie, Christian, Wylma (My Mum) Anne-Marie, John, Hayden and me. This picture was taken on Christmas Day 2015 at North-Shore Valentines.
Interview With My Grandfather Steven

  1. What is your name?
    Steven Hoyt Erick
  2. Where were you born?
    Suva, Fiji
  3. How many siblings do you have?
    2 Brothers and 6 sisters (two of the girls are twins).
  4. What is your favourite thing about living in New Zealand?
    I like going to work to earn money and feed my family at home and buy a house.
  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
    Niue or Sydney,
    Niue because have lots of land there to do some planting, go hunting as well, fishing and lots of swimming especially at Matapa Chasm, Tuhia or just outside of the house.

    Sydney as it has fast public transport service. The markets are also good… they have lots of fresh fruit in stall. I like Sydney as they have great sights to see.


  1. Hehehe, I had to laugh when you called yourself the eighth (adopted) child of your grandparents. You obviously have a great sense of humour, Stevenson!

    I loved seeing the picture of your family from Christmas Day. It looks like you had a lovely meal together. I am just in awe of the fact that your grandparents have been married for 41 years. That is incredible. My parents just celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary and I thought that that was pretty good!

    I can see from the picture that there is a lot of love and joy in your family. My family is very much the same! I also noticed that your grandfather's name is Steven and that yours is Stevenson. Are you named after your grandfather? I was named after my grandmother and my mother(my mom's mom). I've always thought that it was quite special to have that family connection.

    I hope that you continue to spend lots of quality time with your family this year. Speaking of family and heritage, do you have any trips back to Niue planned for the year? I have never had the chance to go to Niue but I would love to go. My son's favourite teacher at daycare is actually Niuean and she has told us wonderful stories about the country and the people.

    I hope to get there one day...

    But, it won't be anytime this month as I still have 5 more days of blogging to do for the Summer Learning Journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and can't wait to see what you guys post next!

    Hope you have a lovely week-end with your family.


  2. P.S. I hope that you've noticed the flash new blogging award that was posted on your site by Mrs Burt. It was posted there because you have been an active participant in the Summer Learning Journey programme this year. Well done and keep up the great blogging!


  3. Hi Stevenson,

    Thanks for all the interesting blog posts! I've just been reading some of your Summer Learning Journey posts, and it has been great to read about Malaysia and Niue - two places I have never been to. The swimming possibilities sound great in Niue, I would love to see a photo of one of the places that your grandfather mentioned! How warm is the water usually? It is difficult for me to imagine summer at the moment, as I am in Germany and it is -7°C right now, brr!


    P.S. Your photo also brings back memories, because I used to work at Valentines in the summer holidays, in my home town, Tauranga!!