Thursday, 21 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey W2:D7

Me Having A Slip And Slide:

Here is a collage of my cousins and I having a slip and slide outside the front of my house. We are also having a water fight which involves water guns, balloons, buckets and lots of water. This collage was put together by my aunty using an app called collage maker.

Summer Activities: 7 things my Cousin likes to do in the summer time.

  1. Swimming 
  2. Watch Movies at the cinema or just at home 
  3. Visiting family (Especially Stevensons) 
  4. Flying overseas 
  5. Sleep overs 
  6. Being Active outside 
  7. Chatting to friends on the internet and playing games.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Stevenson,

    Wow! I am so impressed with your aunty's ability to make such a cool collage. I am going to go looking for the app after work today. It would be a great tool to have on my phone, especially when I'm playing with Aronui (my son) and we're having fun at the beach!

    It looks like your family really loves to swim and get wet. It was wonderful to see you all smiling and clearly having a great time together. I think that you're very lucky to all live close together and to be able to spend time over the holidays in each others' company. I definitely miss my family when the summer time comes because they're all in Canada. I try to get back to visit them during their summer (July-August) but I haven't managed it the last few years. I will really try to get back there next year!

    I hope that you, your cousin and the rest of your family have a really nice final week of holidays. Will you get the chance to go swimming, have a sleep over, be active outside, watch a movie or chat with friends on the internet? If I was you, I would try to do all 5 things before school starts again in February:)