Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey W2:D6

Compare the breakfast foods that you are typically eaten in the country are you visiting with normal New Zealand breakfast foods.
Are they similar or are they different?

The foods they eat in Malaysia are waaaaay, way different.

What do you think of the foods?
Fried Noodles sounds and looks okay. But Nasi Lemak #1 and #2 doesn’t look pleasing to me.

Fried Noodles Nasi Lemak #1 Nasi Lemak #2

Would you like to eat them for your breakfast?

No as it's something I don’t really eat.

Lamb Recipes:


  1. Hi Stevenson!

    It's great to see you back online and posting blogs as part of the Summer Learning Journey. I completely agree with you that the foods typically eaten in Malaysia are VERY different to the typical breakfast foods that we consume in New Zealand.

    I tend to opt for a cup of tea and cereal for breakfast rather than rice, beans, egg, veggies and fried tofu. I must admit that I became a Nasi Goreng fan last year, though, when I travelled through Bali. Although Bali is in Indonesia and not Malaysia the countries are located within close proximity of one another and the foods/languages/cultures are somewhat similar. I would highly recommend that you give the Nasi Goreng a try if you're ever in Malaysia!

    However, in the meantime, I would definitely recommend that you give the Lamb recipes from Jamie Oliver a try while you're here in NZ. Wow! They all look delicious. Are you a fan of lamb?

    Looking forward to blogging with you more over the coming week!



  2. Hi, there, Stevenson,

    My name's Willy and I'm from-no, wait, I'm an alumnus from Tamaki Primary and I was just reading your post. I concur! Looking at the pictures of breakfast foods from Malaysia, I agree, I wouldn't want those foods for breakfast, but I would give it a try! It might not be so bad if it's common...

    But as you said, "waaaaay, way different."

    Well, I would have to taste it to find out. ANYWAY, good job on this task. I admire your honesty.


  3. By the way,

    Cup of tea and cereal for breakfast? Peeerrrfect for me, haha.

  4. I couldn't agree more with Willy's comments. I really admire your honesty as well, Stevenson. You did do a great job with this task!

    Cheers, Rachel