Friday, 15 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey D7:A3 (Bonus)

Runnoxball (/Runn/ing, B/ox/ing, Basket/ball/,)

To complete the course in the fastest time.

#1 team member (Guider), helps #2 team member (follower) to run around the track two times. After completed, move to boxing area where the guider helps follower complete three, four hit combinations stated on the ground. Then move to next activity which is a basketball court. Here you have to do vertical shuttles to clearly marked lines until you reach the other end of the court and back. The follower then has a minute to successfully shoot as many free throws, before the buzzer goes off and the timer stops.

There are 2 players per team (1 Male, 1 Female). One guider, one follower.
Free throw= Bonus point (5 seconds off time)
Guider can't physically help the follower
One team competing at a time.

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