Sunday, 6 July 2014

Why Is Junk Food Bad?

People may ask why is junk food bad? Well most of all it can get you fat, give you bad skin and it doesn't have enough vitamins and minerals. Junk food is also bad as it could cause diabetes and make you very sick. Thats why it is important to follow the food pyramid.

The food pyramid is a big triangle that has foods that you should eat little, moderately and mostly. Up the top is a small triangle that has all the things that you should eat less such as fats, oils, sugar and salt. Below is the protein such as meat & alternatives which is what we should moderately eat. Then it is fruits, vegetables, rice and alternatives which we should select more. Next is fatness.

Eating too much junk food gets you fat and thats what you don’t want because it could lead to obesity. Most junk foods are filled with fat and are calorie-dense and nutrients poor. This means that the nutrition thats in the food is poor and the calories are high to make it more dense in matter. So if I were you I would stick to the food pyramid. After fatness comes bad skin.

Bad skin is horrendous and ugly which is caused by eating too much junk food! I mean do you really want pimples or patchy skin? If you answered no well stop freakin eating junk food mate. If you answered yes well, uhmm just keep eating junk food OKAY!

I conclude that junk food is bad! I mean bad, bad. Its not good for you, but if you still don’t listen to me I suggest you go get yourself a good food doctor that can teach you how to STOP FREAKIN EATING JUNK FOOD!!!!!

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