Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Rugby League Tournament

Today was the day I have been waiting for all term. It was the Eastern Zones Rugby League Tournament 2014. After getting changed at school I got a ride with Andy, who is Taimana’s mum and the coach of our team (U45kg), to Mt Wellington War Memorial Fields (Dunkirk). When we arrived the teachers set up the gazebo so we could but I bags under it. After a few minutes we had our first game.

For our first game we versed Meadowbank team one. Everyone kept blabbing on about how easy they looked. Well they did, but you never know its not about size, it's about heart. We set up to kick off. When the ball had lifted off everybody sprinted to it like it was $1,000,000. Meadowbank hit it up and Jordan hit the guy hard. “4 on me red!” The ref shouted at us. “Pass it here!” Said one of Meadowbanks back. He passed and Sateki intercepted. He sprinted off, no one to tackle him down, he scored. “Woohoo!” Our supporters cheered. “Beep!” The buzzer went off and it was half time. Meadowbank kicked off and Oloti got the ball and ran it up. Meadowbank tackled him and kept tackling. Nobody scored. Meadowbank played well but we won. I wonder what my best game would be?

I think my best game was against Tamaki Primary because I scored two tries. Both of them were from dummy and I also did well in defence. I think this was everyones best game too as our defence was strong and so was our attack. Fortunately for us we won this one too, six- nil (6-0).

After winning all our pool games we faced Meadowbank team two in the finals. It was so intense because both of the teams wanted to go to Auckland Champs. The ball kept on going back and forth but eventually someone scored. Unfortunately it wasn’t us it was Meadobank. Our team was devastated but we held our heads high and continued playing our best. We tried and tried but it was to difficult to score a goal. The final buzzer went and we lost. It was unlucky for us but I think we all participated well.

Overall I think we all tried really hard to win the, Rugby League Tournament, but we didn’t quite get there. To be honest Meadowbank had a great comeback to win against us in the finals. Also thank you to Andy who coached us, taking her free time to train us and take us this far. I hope we get to face Meadow bank again and beat them next year.

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  1. Kia Ora I also play Rugby in Canada for the by Town Blues. I know rugby is not as big in Canada as it is in New zealand. Thats really cool that you almost made it to the Auckland Champs.