Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Commonwealth (Extension)


What is the Commonwealth?
Commonwealth is a family of 53 nations which is expanded out to every ocean and continent.

Countries who are part of this?
The only countries that are apart of this are countries that are ruled by Britain and the

Where in the world are these countries?
What do these countries have in common?
They are all ruled by Britain and the Queen.

Interesting Facts:
  • The Commonwealth games is a world class event which is held every four years.
  • Commonwealth games are also known as the ‘Friendly Games’.
  • Half the people of the commonwealth are under 25


  1. Hi Stevenson,
    You have some very good answer to those questions so I thought I would ask you one. How many games are in the Commonwealth games.

    From Taimana

    1. Hey Taimana,

      There are 17 games in the Commonwealth Games.