Thursday, 10 July 2014


Every Thursday I get excited because I get payed $10 for doing my chores. My jobs are to clean my room, dishes, microwave and sweep the kitchen floor. If I do a good job I get an extra $5. So during these holidays I have been going hard out to get more money. This has paid off as not only my mum, given me money but my nana and grandpa have also paid me too. So I am going to go shopping at PAK N SAVE today to spend my cash and travel to Botany Downs and play at Xtreme Entertainment.

In PAK N SAVE there is a range of things you can choose like meat, pork, chocolate, fruits, veggies, popcorn, biscuits, fish, salmon and many other foods. The things I like to buy are steak, chocolate, popcorn, fruits and veggies. I like these things because they are all healthy except for popcorn and chocolate, they are my treats. If I don’t have enough money my mum buys my shopping.  Hmm Xtreme Entertainment? I have never been to the one in Botany I have only experienced the one in Wairau Valley. Xtreme Entertainment is a stupendous building where all these arcade games are inside and they have a laser tag room too. I want to go there, as I want to try out Botanys laser tag to see if it is any good compared to the one in Wairau Valley.

Next Thursday instead of getting paid, I hope my mum will let me have a sleepover with my friends. She says no a lot because sometimes she is busy or somethings come up unexpectedly. I love sleepovers because its a time where I can hang out with my friends 24/7. Also I don’t have any siblings which makes me a bit bored. My previous sleep overs have been awesome experiences.

I like Thursdays for many reasons such as getting paid, going shopping and having fun at new places. Whats your favourite day of the week and why? Comment down below to answer this question. COOL THANX MKAY BYE!

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