Friday, 11 July 2014

Why Are Video Games Good?

Why are video games good? Video games are good because it keeps you busy, teaches you things and keeps you fit. How does video games keep you busy? One of the reasons why video games are good because if you're, bored, alone or inactive you could play on a game console, such as a xbox. I always play video games that can teach me things such as the game called Minecraft. What is minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game where you build things like a house (as many stories as you want), fast food buildings such as a Mcdonalds, pools, people, minion, mods, skins, literary anything. Minecraft is infinite which means the world is limitless. Minecraft can also teach you how to make things like armor, sticks, wood planks etc by crafting and collecting supplies by mining diamonds, iron or gold. Minecraft is a really good interesting game that is addictive. Fitness Time!

Keeping you fit is another reason why video games are good. There are games that you can play that can get you fit like the Dance Central Series, Just Dance Succession, Kinect Sports and many more. Dance Central is a game where you have to mirror the onscreen characters moves with either a family member, friend or by yourself, its the same with Just Dance but you can play upto 4 players. Kinect sports is a variety of sport games that you can play such as boxing, soccer, track and field, bowling etc.

In conclusion video games are good as they can keep you, busy if you're bored, it can teach you things like how to build a house or a restaurant and most of all keep you fit by playing Dance Central, Just Dance or Kinect Sports. Who would want to live without video games!

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