Thursday, 15 May 2014


In Malawi the people there are unlucky because they eat the same thing everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner but here in New Zealand we have a variety of food to choose from. Like in New Zealand we can eat pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and many other things. But in Malawi they eat maise/maize which is a type of corn everyday for breakfast, they have boiled mice for lunch (Ewww!) and for dinner they have Nsima. Nsima is cassava root, corn plants and sorghum combined together. In NZ we have steak and mushroom sauce for lunch and for dinner we have butter chicken.

In New Zealand the cost of food is way more expensive than the food in Malawi. Why you might ask? Well its because in Malawi the type of food they eat is for free. The people there grow most of their food. Maize is the most popular because it can be grown anywhere and it can be easily harvested. Even children there plant and eat maize. I feel so sad for the Malawians because they have to wake up early around 6:00a.m and walk for 3 hours just to get to school.

I have come to know that children in Malawi don't have lots of nutritious food and clean water then us. That's why I want to raise money to help them to get those things. They have to walk to school which takes them 3 hours but here in NZ we have cars so we can drive to school.


  1. Hi Stevenson,

    Can you cook me some. HAHAHAHA. One question if there is a shop how much do you think it will be. Great job and good on you for helping them. Keep up the amazing work.

    From Aaron

  2. Hi steve,
    Awesome work on your menu's I made one to did you see them?
    Anyways great job!!

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  4. Hi Stevenson,
    I didn't know that there was a place called Malawi until I read your story.
    Nice job
    From Taimana