Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Why I Want To Be An Ambassador?

Why I would like to be an Ambassador?

I would like to be an Ambassador because you get an opportunity to talk to intelligent people. I like talking in front of people. I'm not shy either.

Why I think I would be great for the job?

I have a big voice, not shy, speak clearly, responsible, I have confidences, work hard and I can stand up and talk in a crowd of people. Also I blog a lot and I would really like to be an Ambassador. Here is one of my blogs it is a piece of writing which two of my buddys and I completed the rubric. It helps me to improve on those things that I got low marked on.

About Learn Create Share in 2013. This year I have learned different strategies like don't subtract add,  jumping the number line, closest tens and many more. I created a presentation. Then I shared it by publishing it on my blog.

I hope you pick me Mrs Burt for one of the Ambassadors!

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