Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Netbook Reflection

How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year? Having a netbook and being connected to the internet helps me because I can do things faster. For example this year I have published way more stories than last year when I didn't have a netbook. I have also learnt different things like google chat (my favorite), google spreadsheets and many more.

  • What special thing have you learnt from your teacher this year? How to make a google presentation. How to access my year 6 site to find work I need to do. How to make lots of different digital learning objects.

  • What significant thing have you learnt all by yourself - maybe online? How to research pictures in google docs and define words in google docs. How to create a Mac Donalds on minecraft.

  • What have you learnt from your friend this year? How to share docs and presentations with them.

  • What have you learnt from someone outside of your classroom this year (not teacher or classmate) How to inference

  • How have you helped other kids learn this year? Edit their writing so they can see what they have to work on.

  • How have you grown your key competencies through using digital tools this year? Working with classmates, managing my time wisely and listen to my partners ideas.

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