Friday, 27 December 2013

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

Black Ops II:
Do you know what COD (Call Of Duty): Blacks Ops II is? Well its a Xbox game that involves shooting, score streaks, 3 different categories, maps, guns and more. The three categories are campaign, multi-player and zombies, I usually play multi-player. Score streaks are stuff you can activate after you have shot a couple of people. I use care packages, lodestar, sentry guns and A.G.R to excel through the game.

Score streaks:
Care packages have lodestars sentry guns and A.G.R's in them. So if you collect them you get one of them then you can activate it. Lodestar is a plane that is loaded with missiles. You press the shoot button (RT) which launches a missle straight to your enemie you have targeted. Sentry gun is a gun that you place anywhere and whenever a enemie comes it shoots them. Its very good at protecting. A.G.R is a little sentry gun but it moves around. Its just the same as sentry gun.

In multi-player you can pick local, Xbox live or system link depending on who you want to play with. Local you can let other people join your game. Xbox live is where you play people on their Xbox that are connected to Xbox live. System link you can join a game or create one. I don't usually play system link because its just the same as local.

Next comes in zombies. Its where you can go to three stages and survive as many rounds as you can. My highest in surviving zombies is ten rounds. It starts off easy then  continuously gets harder.

Playing COD: Black Ops II is quite addictive and frustrating. Addictive because once you know how to play you want to just sit in the lounge and play all day and night 24/7. Frustrating because you might keep dying and you can't get any score streaks.

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  1. Nice My Highest Kills Is 900 Something

    My Zombies Kill Is 900 Something BO2 Is A Cool Game