Saturday, 21 December 2013

Early Christmas Party

Last week Saturday my family and I had an early Christmas party. It was at my uncle Jon's house. The reason why we had our Christmas early is because part of my family are going to Niue for my grandad's family reunion and my Nana wanted us to celebrate this occasion together.

After my mum and I had arrived (last guests) my Nana prayed for our food. There was a wide variety of food to choose from. I ate chicken nibbles, this big piece of juicy steak and cup of red sparkling grape juice. "MMMM."It was to delicious, my tummy was full so that I couldn't eat all of my food.q

Soon after everybody had finished eating we started to hand out presents. I scratched my head thinking what I was going to get. I was Santa Claus and I had a helper named Hector. He took all the presents to the people I named. When all the presents were open, I opened mine. GUESS WHAT I GOT?, I got my very own mobile phone. WOOHOO!

After everybody received their presents, my uncle turned on the hose and started squirting everyone. At first, I got a fright but then I started going crazy. Everybody was wet except for my cousin James. One of my other cousins named Jordan tried to push him toward the water. He failed but on his second attempt my uncle's and I helped him. By the time we got him to the hose I realised it took eight people to drag him toward it.

When we finished having a water fight, each household did items. My mum, Nana, cousins and I sang a Niuean song and did the takalo (Niuean haka). My cousin Juliana did a dance to the song Beyonce-Single Ladies and my other cousin Elijah did his haka. Also David did the Azonto with his dad Hayden. The items were absolutely hilarious. Everybody was cheering and laughing especially for my cousin Elijah.

Christmas with my family was awesome because I loved all the items, food, water fight and most of all hanging out with my family. Can't wait for next year's Christmas party!

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