Saturday, 22 June 2013

Rugby League Tournament 2013

Going to the tournament in Dunkirk I was feeling excited as it was my first time playing Rugby League for my school. I was going out there to represent my school, Pt. England.

When we arrived I saw about two schools. But as we waited more and more other schools started to come. Then all of a sudden my head just went bing and made me question how much teams are there going to be? What if I can’t handle it and lose energy? I was going crazy thinking about all the schools we were going to verse! Lucky for our team we don’t have to verse heaps of schools. We only had to play 5 games then the finals.

When we played other schools they were always laughing. I think they were laughing because of the way they were tackling us which was by dumping us. The schools we versed were Sylvia Park, Panmure Bridge, Tamaki, Glenbrae and Bailey Road. We won all of our games and advanced to the finals.

For the finals we versed Sylvia Park. When we challenged them they kicked the ball off. One of our team members caught the ball and ran it up. When he got tackled and rolled the ball I swung it out to Tai then he passed it to Louis and Louis ran it up. Then we did it again until the ref said “5th and last,” and we lost the ball. When Sylvia Park had the ball they broke through our tackles and got a try. 

Everyone was cheering for them. Then they had to kick it off to us again. The ball was flying in the air then somebody from our team caught it and ran it up. Then I took the ball that was played by his foot and passed it out to Tai then he passed it to Junior and he ran the ball. Then we did it again. When it was fifth and last I passed to Tai wrapped him he passed it to me and I ran straight through the gap and dived for the try. 

The game kept on going and going. Until Sylvia Park gotta try. Even though they kicked off they got the ball and scored again. But when they kicked the next time we got the ball and scored. Then we had to kick off they got the ball this time and ran it up. They couldn’t get passed because of our defence line. Then it was last they passed the ball out to the wing but he got tackled from one of our players. When we had the ball we did the same thing I pass to Tai and he passed to Louis and Louis ran it up and he got us some metres. We kept passing the ball and got closer to the try line and it was 5th and last. I passed the ball to Tai and he dummied it to Louis then he ran through the gap and got a try. 

Suddenly the siren went and it was a draw 3-3. Then the ref said “ Golden point.” That means whoever gets the first goal wins. The game went on for ages until Sylvia got the try.

Unfortunately we didn't win the Rugby League Tournament. But we still get to go to champions of champions and that’s where we will beat them.

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  1. Hi Stevenson it me flora my brother said hi to you and he like story about your game and I hope you have fun on your game with your mate have a good day ok!!!...