Thursday, 13 June 2013

Writing About Killer Whale Chasing Boat

Today we had to write a report about a video that was on the Year 6 Site. But you had only four options that were whales chasing a boat, face to face with a Leopard Seal, Emperor Penguins feeding and whales hunting krill. I chose whales chasing a boat.

What happened was that there was a lady filming killer whales chasing her boat. The lady was screaming and telling the driver to drive faster. I think she said that because she didn’t want the killer whales to get hit by the boat, as they were breaching to quickly. Then the movie came to a sudden end.

Hope you enjoyed my writing. Click on the site below to see the videos for our options.

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  1. Wow I went in our blog and read your story it was good keep it up have a good day