Wednesday, 5 June 2013


First Mansion

Minecraft is a game where you can mine things then craft them. You can mine and craft trees, rocks, wood and many more other things.

The first time I played Minecraft I was addicted to it. When I opened it up they generated a new world and I had to call it something. I called it Unbelievable Island. After naming my world I looked around to find somewhere to build my mansion. Finally I found a place to build it. . My Mansion was flash and huge.

Next I built more houses. It was like I had a town. After building all my houses it was night and I went to bed in one of my homes and lay there until it was morning. 
My Town

'When the sun came rising up I went around my house to see if anybody had come in but there was no one. I went and checked my other houses and then I found a creeper that was outside my backyard trying to escape. I ran to it and just got the creeper when it was about to escape and killed it. It was hard because he was fighting back and it took most of my life out.

Playing Minecraft is magnificent because I enjoy building houses. When I grow up I want to be a builder.

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  1. By the looks of it you have been very busy building Stevenson. I bet you were happy to here that Minecraft will be entering our classroom tomorrow. Just be careful with your posts that the colour ou use to highlight your writing is ok. I know that I struggle to read text like you have in this post and I would normal not read it. Just something to consider.