Monday, 4 March 2013

When Our Chromebooks Disappeared

This is my work of 40 minutes and next week come back and see my advanced work

“Dddddddding.” The bell went guys Louis told Stevenson and Collin. “Lets go to class.” So they went to class.

When they got to class to go on the chromebooks it wasn’t there. “ This is strange.” Collin said surprisingly. “ Did you guys find your chromebooks?” Collin asked. “ No.” Came the reply from Louis and Stevenson.

“ Fart.” “ Eww!” the entire class yelled. “ Guys can you see that? There’s an invisible cyclone.” Stevenson told Collin and Louis “ No we can’t Stevenson.” Louis and Collin replied.” “Somebody fart again.” “ fart.” “ Guys can you see it now. Look Look.” So they looked. “ Ahh. Now we can see it.” they replied back. “ We should follow it.

While they were following it it guided them to the Omaru Creek. Then the invisible cyclone
disovled in the air. “ Come on guys we can do this only one more big burp.” So they all got ready. “ On the count of three one two three.” “ BURP!”


  1. LOL (laugh out loud) at your imaginative story son.
    I really enjoyed reading this blog post and look forward to next weeks advanced version. Keep up the great work.
    p.s. think about the title of your story.

  2. haha that was soooo funny stevenson! fart, burps! hehe great story! keep up the great work.