Saturday, 23 March 2013


Each Soap box Derby team has 4 drivers and 6 pit crew.  Obviously a driver is a person that drives a car but instead for soap box derby they drive a trolley.  A trolley is a small ovoid with 4 wheels similar to a go-kart. You have to have to be a certain size, height and weight to be able to drive it.

The pit crew are people who polish the kart, carry it onto scales to weigh, make sure the wheels are spinning and everything is working.  They also keep the driver cool and shaded from the sun.

While getting ready to race I was absolutely excited.  I was excited as it was my very first time to be in one of these competitions before.  First we had to weigh the kart with me in it before going any further.  This was to check that all competitors had an equal amount of weight.  After that one of the pit crew members shaded me with an umbrella while the others carried the vehicle over onto the starting platform. Then I hoped into the trolley.

“Are you ready?” The race officials questioned me. “Yes I am,” I replied back. “Ok, ONE! TWO! THREE! GO!” Then off we went down the hill then into the dip and through the finish line. “What did I come mum?” I asked. “I’m not sure? Wait until they announce it.” She replied… “Pt. England School first.” The race officials announced. “Hooray,” the supporters cheered merrily.

Participating in Soap Box Derby was challenging because there were heaps of schools that I had to compete against. However, it was still an awesome experience driving down a hill with my family and friends cheering me on.  If you want to see me in action come to Nationals on Sunday the 7th of April at Whangaparoa.


  1. How did it feel when you were racing down the hill Stevenson?

    1. I felt absolutely excited racing down the hill.

  2. you rock stevenson! see you on sunday lets do this!!

    Mel x