Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Show Not Tell Writing

As Billy and Matthew kept mocking the poor boy they didn’t know what he was capable of. “Why don’t you go and cry back to your fat old mum, HAHA!” Billy had taken it way too far. Winded up to breaking point he couldn’t take it anymore. Outraged Kendrick gave out a loud wild scream and blasted lasers out from his eyes and blazed Billy's leg. As Matthew squealed and squealed his burn began to sizzle and it was getting awful.

Springing out of the blue Cole jumped out from a bush beside them. Cole is one of Kendrick’s best friends also with unearthly powers. He can heal people doesn’t matter how bad the wound is. As Cole flowed and waved his hands through the air, he levitated into the air like he was Iron Man but with no gadgets. While in the air he was receiving some sort of force from all living things (trees, bushes, people, birds,), he then sent a force wave straight to the wound on Billy's leg. Feeling relieved Billy thanked Cole and promised he would never mock Kendrick again or he will know the consequence. “Now you know don't ever say that again!”

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