Friday, 10 June 2016

20 Hour Famine 2016

My Group (Blue)
Left to Right:
Noah, Stevenson (me) , Jordan, Kyron, Michael, Simon, Ajani, Mitchell
This year, I'm taking part in the 20 hour famine. The PES famine team (Extension Members and extras) got the opportunity to sleep over at our school, Pt England. We are sleeping in the school library to raise funds for the many Syrian families who have fled their country because of war and had to leave everything behind.This money will go towards stationery packs, nutritious food (that can last them a term), art, sports, counselling, education, desks, tables, chairs and outdoor play equipment for children.


  1. Hi Stevenson! How neat that you know exactly what you are supporting and how your efforts tonight will help the people of Syria. Well done you! I can see you are having a great time! Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Stevenson. Thank you for participating in this years 40 Hour famine. Well done for explaining what the sponsorship money will go towards. Go Blue team!