Sunday, 22 May 2016

Selecting Pt England School Intermediate Football Teams

As captain for the soccer A team I was given the task of organizing our PES intermediate football teams. This was for our annual upcoming Tamaki Cluster Football Tournament 2016 (TCFT). This tournament will be held in our massive backyard. Pt. England Reserve! CheeHooo….!

For this task I had to:

  1. Decide how many teams we were going to have
  2. How many players in each team
  3. Place players where their strongest position would be

After trials I decided that we would have three teams of 13 so that everyone had the opportunity to play. I ranked all the players according to their soccer skills, strengths and weaknesses from one to three. Things I took into consideration was if they were turning up to practises and their knowledge of the game. If players were ranked a #1 they would be placed in the A team. If ranked with a #2 they would be placed in the B team. Players ranked with a #3 would be in the C team. Once everyone was in a team I had to figure out people who would be good at being a captain and vice-captain for their team. As you already know I’m captain for the A team along with my Vice Joshua. For the B Team is Johnlee Captain and Owen Vice. And the C team has Mubashir as Captain and Lomio as the Vice.

Thank you to Ms Va’afusuaga for giving me the opportunity to organise these teams. I wish my teams well and hope that everyone enjoys this event.

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