Thursday, 9 April 2015

Splash Planet

It was the first day of the April school holidays when my family and I travelled to the Hawkes Bay Region. We were going on road trip to splash planet to experience the No. 1 family amusement park in  New Zealand.

After hours of driving we finally arrived at splash planet. “Choo Hoo!” My cousins and I cheered. We received a paper and a pencil to go around looking for easter eggs (not chocolate ones). “Come on lets go!” I yelled eagerly to my family. The eggs had different patterns, colours and numbers from 1-8. As hours passed by we eventually found all 8 eggs and claimed our prize which was a real chocolate egg for everyone. “Hmmmm Delicious!”To be honest they were very hard to find because they were scattered in good hiding spots such as behind a house in Tiny Town.

When we finished the easter hunt, we went to check out all the amazing rides. There were loads of fantastic wet rides such as the master blaster where you slide down through a pitch black cold tunnel from an outside tower into a warm pool of water. The sky castle screamer which was super fast, the lazy river were my family and I relaxed most of the time and many more spectacular rides. All of the activities were awesome but the ride I most-liked was the double-dipper as I could ride doubles with my mum and fall into a cold pool of water which made me feel refreshed!

At the end of the day my experience at splash planet was awesome as I loved all the rides especially my favourite the double dipper. Chilling with my family was cool too but most of all having a great time was my number 1 goal for the trip. One thing I wish to happen is to have my 12th or 13th birthday there.

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