Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Paihia Road Trip

During the A.N.Z.A.C* weekend I travelled to Paihia in the beautiful Bay Of Islands with my two cousins, aunty, uncle and mum! We went there because it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations, according to our family members that had visited before. I was so excited until we started driving.

It was 1:00p.m when my mum and I had began our journey. I decided to get some sleep from not getting any at my aunt’s house the night before. I expected myself to wake up when we arrived at Paihia. When suddenly I awoke from the cold, fierce wind blowing from the drivers window. I looked at my phone and only a hour had passed by. “It feels like I’ve been sleeping for ages!” I thought out loud. “Are you ok?” My mum asked me. “Yes. I'm fine.” I replied. Since I was awake we decided to stop for lunch in Wellsford.

Soon after we hit the road again. I asked my mum for the map we had taken. I read the next town was Whangarei which was another hours drive away. “Ugghhh!” I sighed. We passed alot of farmland and trees.  The scenery was beautiful. Fast forward another two hours and we arrived at our accommodation.

“What the heck... 5 stars???” I was absolutely amazed that we were going to stay across the road from the beach at Edgewater Palms Ramada Resort. We had our own room with a king sized bed and ensuite. It had a huge lounge and kitchen area and a 2nd bedroom. There were huge sliding doors which lead out to the pool...”wow” I said out loud. To be continued...

*Australian New Zealand Army Corps*

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