Monday, 23 February 2015

Explores Of The Sunrise

Day one: Imagine you are a crew member, leaving your shore for the first day of the voyage. What you would have done that day and what you were looking  forward to.

Dear Diary,
I’m scared yet excited. Scared because I will be leaving my family to go on a voyage with people I hardly know not knowing if I’ll return. Why I’m excited is that I’ve always wanted to sail across the ocean exploring the unknown. I have packed clothes for cold and hot conditions, first aid kit just incase if people get hurt, fishing rod to catch fish food and a portable pot to cook food on. After heaps of hugs & kisses to my mum and other family members I wave goodbye to them while boarding the boat.

Day thirty:
You have been on the waka for 30 days now...what may you be feeling now?  
What are you now looking forward to?

Hey Diary,
My journey has been awesome and frightening at various times. My new friends and I caught 2 big snappers, 1 kingfish, heaps of salmon and 1 sword fish that almost sliced my leg off. We have also been through really freaking moments like shark attacks, stormy weather and rough seas. Which of course have caused us to get seasickness. We all have been praying daily to keep us safe when we travel, bless our family and make it back home alive.

The Polynesians
Read this article.   
Task: Write up a ‘Checklist’ of things that the crew members need to possess for a successful voyage. Start at the physical through to the behavioural - values.



  • Food
  • Water
  • Fishing Rods
  • Clothes for hot and cold conditions
  • First Aid Kit


  • Collaborate together
  • Good Decisions
  • Leadership
  • Managing Self
  • Waitangi 3 P’s (Protection/Participation/Partnership)

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