Thursday, 23 October 2014


Have you ever experienced Megazone? Megazone is a place where kids can hang out and play arcade games. But most of all be entertained by the laser tag!

Firstly, in Megazone the best activity you can play is the amazing laser tag! Before you can take part, you have to watch the briefing video so you know all the rules and what to do. The rules are no climbing, no foul language, no lying down or physical contact. What you have to do is try to find bases, which is worth 2001 points, and destroy them, hint... hint... but not your own. You also have to tag the other team, (enemies) with your phaser, (gun) and get more points. For a laser tag on the back you get 50 points, front you get 200 and shoulders you get 20.

There is also another fun activity at Megazone, which is the Bumper Cars! They are very cool because you don’t get injured when you collide with another car, its like there indestructible. Its kind of scary though because, when you look up at the top of other cars you will see little electric sparks popping out and you don’t want to get electrocuted do you?

Megazone can be used for special occasions such as parties, breakups, school holiday activity and a reward for good children. Parties are best as they have party rooms and group discounts for ten or more kids.

In conclusion Megazone is an awesome place to host parties, break ups and other special occasions. Megazone is a guaranteed place for enjoyment, especially kids.

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