Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Let The Games Begin!

Do you know what's the difference between the Commonwealth Games and Olympics? Well the Olympics is open to the whole world, where the Commonwealth Games are only for countries that were colonised by the British like Australia, New Zealand, Fiji etc. I have been waiting all year for the Commonwealth Games to begin, just joking I never knew the games even existed until this term. Glasgow, Scotland is where the Commonwealth Games are going to be held this year. The games are every four years.

Different Beginnings

Paragraph 1:
Did you know that rugby is the most popular sport in Niue? Well in Niue Rugby is mostly played by men. The team that I am supporting is my homeland, Niue, so are my family. We are all very excited because Niue is competing for the 4th time in history. They have competed  in every game since their debut in 2002 but have never came back with any medals.

Paragraph 2:
Some of my cousins are competing in the Commonwealth Games and the sports they are playing are lawn bowls, athletics, weightlifting and shooting. I hope they all at least come first, second or third. Also come home with the first medal for Niue. RUBRIC.png

Paragraph 3:
I personally think that our principle Mr Burt should organize a special Commonwealth Games fun day for the students at Pt. England School for the whole day just like athletics. The sports we should play are shot put, discus, rugby sevens, basketball and friendly boxing. I think the refs should be the teachers.


Even though I never knew the Commonwealth Games existed I am very excited to learn more about how it started, who started it and why did it start.

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