Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What The...?

My friends and I were looking up in the sky. We could see an elephant up so high, high high high way up in the sky. Thinking what the heck is it doing up there? So we talked about some ideas asking why is the elephant up there?

Well he must of had super powers to fly up there to chase bees. Why would he chase bees? He couldn’t of, he must of been chased by chimpanzees.

Nahh, it looks like he is a statue because he is just staring at us. It also looks like he might get electrocuted because he is nearly touching the power lines. Far this is a big investigation. What the... where is the elephant? Have we just been imagining that an elephant has been in the sky this whole time? “Guys look the elephant is behind you”, “Ahhh!” they screamed. So we have? Dahhh, obviously because he is on the ground. Oh well lets go home our work has finished. “Hooray!!,” they all cheered.


  1. Interesting post son, I like the title "what the...) is this story finished?

  2. this is a funny story because you said what the heck is it doing up there lol. from Faith