Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fiafia Niue 2013

One dark black evening my whole school
had a fiafia night. We do fiafia every 2 years. What do we do at our fiafia night?  Well the students perform a routine in front of the school, friends and family.

There are a variety of groups to join such as Niuean, Tongan, Samoan, Cook Islands, Asian Pacific, Jump Jam, Hip Hop and many more. Only stink thing you can only perform in one group.

The group that I chose was the Niuean group because that’s the group I’ve been in every fiafia night since I started at Pt. England School. Usually we have our fiafia inside our school hall but this year they took this cultural event outside.

Before starting, at 6 o’clock we had to go to the holding rooms and get changed into our costumes. My group wore sisi’s and lava lavas, we also had our hair coloured.
After getting changed we went to our sitting area. I was shocked to see that thousands of people showed up.

We watched other groups and waited for our turn. This was very boring an exciting at the same time for me. I could not wait until it was our time to shine.

When we started I was pretending to blow the conch shell and the warriors were sneaking out from the crowd. When I finished blowing the conch shell the intermediate boys shouted “The people are coming the people are coming!,” in Niuean. Then the girls replied “Tell them to come tell them to come!”. They repeated that twice. After that our tutor played the drums while the intermediate boys came onto the stage. When the drumming stopped my cousin Kingston did a Niuean speech. After that we did a Niuean dance called the Hopo. Then we sang and did actions to a song which was called Ka Fisi Niue. After that we did a Niuean haka which was named the Takalo. When our fiafia performance finished I felt incredibly awesome.
Performing in the fiafia night was spectacular. Thanks to the tutors Miss Lavakula and Mrs Lagitupu.


  1. Hi Son,
    Yes, it was a very dark evening, luckily for the thousands of spectators it turned out to be a terrific night. The groups were all so fabulous, especially the Niuean group.
    What a lovely piece of writing. Keep it up!
    love Mum

  2. I loved how you described what you did up on the stage keep it up love best cousin Faith.