Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tamaki College Experience: Maths T3W9

Image result for algebra In maths class today we were learning about algebra with Mrs. Dunn. We learnt that:
  • Algebra is numbers and letters
  • Variables are the same, we call them like terms (example: 2a,3a)
  • Coefficients are numbers just before letter and are joined together
  • Constants are numbers by themselves
  • Letters must be in alphabetical order
  • Equations have equals and expressions have none

Below are some expression question that Mrs. Dunn gave our class and I’ve answered:
2a+5a, 7a

4c+5c, 9a

7p - 4p, 3p
ab + 2ab, 3ab

2a + 4c + 5c + 5a, 7a + 9c
3g + 8h + 6g + 2h, 9g + 10h

3f + 2g + 4f + 7g, 7f + 9g

2a + 3a2 + 4a, 3a2 + 3a

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  1. I can see you had "Fun with Mrs Dunn" and learnt a whole lot about Algebra. Well done.
    Mrs Burt