Thursday, 14 May 2015

A Letter To George Bollinger

Dear George Bollinger,

Firstly I want to say thank you for sacrificing your life to save our country. You are a courageous man!

Secondly, I’m very happy because you were very brave during both world wars even though you were part German and you went through hard times such as complaints from the Anti-Germans ladies group. They wanted you to return to the frontline as they didn’t want their sons being led by a German soldier and you put those complaints to rest by doing exactly what they asked. I also feel sad for you because you were probably frightened to return to the frontline after you had seen most people die from that position.

Questions I have for you are… How did you survive? What was going through your mind when people were already dieing before you had arrived  ashore? How did you feel fighting against your own country? Has anyone sacrificed their life to save yours? Would you go to war again? And my last question is has anyone gone to war with you like a friend, family member etc… ?

Yours Sincerely
Stevenson Jackson

Stevenson Jackson
130 PT England School

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