Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Iron Man 3

Have you seen a movie called Iron Man 3? Well I have and it is awesome. My mum and I went and watched Iron Man 3 in 3D at Imax.

When the movie started I was so excited because I had never seen Iron Man 3. Also because we watched it in 3D so the graphics popped out of the screen.

Now the movie starts of with a New Years Eve party in Switzerland. Lots of rich people gathered to the party including billionaire Tony Stark.
Tony Stark is Iron Man. He is also a mechanic.

During the movie Tony buys a massive inflatable dog for his girlfriend and puts it outside.  When she gets home she laughs because the dog is adorable. Then suddenly missiles launch from a helicopter and hits Tony’s mansion which makes it split in half. Then Jarvis, Tony's prototype, goes to save him but he points to his girlfriend to go save her. When she gets into safety Tony gets his suit back but it is too late because his mansion collapsed into the ocean with him.

Then lots of  action happens including fights, bombs and buildings collapsing. My favorite part of the movie was the ending because Iron Man’s girlfriend gets her revenge on the Mandarin because he turned her into a fire person. Also he is the one who destroyed Iron Man’s house. How did she get her revenge? Her arm got censored by one of Tony’s prototypes and she used the electrolytes to destroy the Mandarin.

Watching Iron Man 3 at the movies was so cool.

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  1. I agree with you Son, watching Iron Man 3 was cool. Keep up the great blogging!